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Free Download Shaun The Sheep Home Sheep Home 2 PC Games Full Version (600MB)

shaun the sheep games
Shaun The Sheep : Home Sheep Home 2 Full Version PC Games Free Download - Shaun the Sheep is set in the farm. So the farm is existing sheep, pigs, chickens, and ducks. Well the main character is this Shaun.

Sheep are always quirky and skinny so his friends and fellow leaders have always had a smart idea though often ridiculous. There are also dogs who really same cs this flock. Then there's that pesky swine flu is always hostile same flock.

Shaun The Sheep character

Shaun, Shaun is the flock leader. He is clever and resourceful. Its characteristic, thin and have a tuft. Feathers on his head is always left every time he's taken his feathers.

Bitzer, this is a guard dog on the farm. CS very same flock. He was loyal to his master as though sometimes rather nosy.
home sheep home

The Farmer. He wore thick glasses that if another could be bener pake ga ga bener can see the. There is a fitting episode broke his glasses and he messed up the whole farm.

The Flock. These sheep are stupid. But always the same according to Shaun.

TIMMY, is the smallest sheep, still likes acting like a baby.

SHIRLEY. This fattest sheep with thick fur. Because of the thickness could be using that for saving all sorts of tools. Ahahaha ... He also liked to eat so at the most.

The Pigs. Well this is a herd of pigs that sometimes mischievous, but usually at the same nosy behind the flock.

Shaun The Sheep Animation

Shaun The Sheep first appeared on television in 1995 in the film A Close Shave Wallace and Gromit the dog's character. Duration is only four minutes but makes a lot of people love it. And since then, Shaun has his own TV show on BBC-made by a production studio Aardman.

Here are some interesting things from the process of 'Behind The Scene' animation Shaun The Sheep:

A. Making Storytime

An episode begins with a simple story ideas. The idea was presented to the team of scriptwriters to be processed into a good story.

Then handed over to the storyboard artist to create a story linenya, this stage also helps set dressers, prop-makers, model-makers, riggers and cameramen taking pictures and preparing whatever is needed.

2. Preparation Scene

The grass on the farm purchased from hobby center, painted in shades of grass green to get fit, coupled with thatch grass and daisies.

Small black blob is also deployed to get the effect of sheep droppings.

The grass is then laid on top of perforated steel to get a good foundation. Animators can then use a magnet to keep the characters in place, and use the steel to put up trees, farmhouse, barn and other parts of the set is still in place.

3. Modeling

Model-makers make the sheep by first forming the body, then wrap their bodies with white wool. Feathers were then stained slightly and legs made of silicone added. end of the head which can be fitted-out mounted on the body.

"We have a number of bodies, some have four legs, and some only two, depending on the scene," says Chris.

4. Propping up

Property maker called on to make everything from sheep-sized beach towels, toys for the bath to Timmy, and even counter to the magic scene.

Prop maker Javes Helen said: "Everything is made manually, so it is very complicated. "Even the leg of a table is created manually to get the right shape." Prop maker, but the work is not without risk. A sharp knife cut fingers, and burning in the heat of the glue is the risk of daily work.

5. Eye expression

Sheep's eyes have small holes so that they can be manipulated to make them look left, right, up, down.

Every animator also has dozens of specially-made eyelid - a small piece of dough shaped purple dome that can be added to create a blinking sheep eyeballs, or looks sleepy.

Because sheep did not speak, they use expressions to tell a story or give a moment of comedy. "Their eyelids are torture for animators eye".

6. Storage

When not in use, sheep and lamb pieces can be found stored in the rack in the room at the Aardman studio.

It's here that the animator can find parts for Shaun feet, a little extra hair, or one or two sheep broken!

7. Comedy Slapstik

In spite of some bleating from Shaun and his friends, the sound of Bitzer and grunts from the Farmer, Shaun and the sheep is silent TV series.

But while Wallace Gromit have a vote to keep the story going on in their films, Shaun does not have that luxury.

"It's easier to make because the lip-sync animation is one of the most time consuming aspect for the animators," says Chris.

8. Patient and Thorough

Character in Shaun the sheep and move 25 times per second, means animators have to reset the scene 1,500 times just a minute of footage.

They completed an average of seven seconds recording / day.

seems not so much, but when compared with Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of The Were-Rabbit and Chicken Run, they work at breakneck speed.

Wallace and Gromit an average yield of about three seconds of footage / day.

Shaun The Sheep Home Sheep Home 2 Trailer

System requirements:

Operating System: Windows ® XP / Vista / Windows ® 7
Processor: Pentium IV 2.8 GHz or equivalent speed AMD processor or better
Memory: 1 Gb
Video card: GeForce 6800 or Radeon x850
Hard Drive: 1 GB

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