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Free Download Fishdom PC Full Version Games (37MB)

Fishdom PC Games
Fishdom Puzzles Aquarium Games Free Download - Aquarium is a vivarium is usually placed in a place with a side of a transparent (glass or plastic high strength), in which animals and plants of water (usually fish, but can also be found invertebrates, amphibians, marine mammals and reptiles) are accommodated, and is used to public display.

Aquariums can also refer to a place where what has been described above is built (fishing museum)

To keep the fish in the aquarium is a fairly popular hobby.

The first aquarium to the public, was established in London, England in 1853. Along with the course of time, the technology used in the aquarium growing, (such as filtration and lighting systems).

Air pump for aquariums is a tool to incorporate air into the aquarium water through a diffuser, so the air was split into small bubbles, enriching the oxygen content of water.

Fishdom Games

It is made of metal. Shaped like a rectangular box which is basically the thrust forward. At the rear mounted power cord. When the tool is used, the power cord is connected to a power source. In the middle of the front side there is a wheel made of a round metal plate. When connected to an electric current, the wheel will spin and move the pump is located beside it. In front of the pump there are two pieces of metal pipe. One point in the pipe for sucking air and the other to remove the air when the pump works.

Greenworld aquarium filter is also an important role in the ecosystem to maintain stability in the aquarium. There are several types of filters are commonly used aquarium hobbyist.

Top filter or a filter known as the upper and gutter filters, aquarium hobbyist is often used in Indonesia because of its easy use and maintenance. Typically, this type of filter filled with activated carbon, cotton filters, and a sponge to filter aquarium water and mounted above the aquarium. The way these filters work by pumping water into the aquarium with an aquarium pump for aquariums and fed through the filter media in order to keep the water clean.
screenshot fishdom


Undergravel filter is a filter that uses aquarium gravel as filter media. These plate-shaped filter with a pipe at one end that can be connected with an aquarium pump. Filter works by sucking water through the aquarium and aquarium gravel issued through a pipe in the corner of the plate. And keep in mind that this filter can not work when using a basic aquarium size, sand or gravel that is too small.
Fishdom PC

External canister filters are often used in the aquarium aquascape or aquarium plants, because the capacity is large enough for the aquarium Filters solid. This filter uses the same filter media as top filter, only coupled with bioball. These filters are usually placed on the sides and bottom of the aquarium

Internal canister filter is only suitable for aquarium below the size of 80x40x40cm. Due to the small saringnya capacity, if you want to use in the aquarium on the size of 80x40x40, it is advisable to use two filters and a pump discharge enlarged.

Fishdom PC Games Trailer :

System Requirements

Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows 
Vista/Windows ME/Windows 98
500 MHzPentium 3 or equivalent
DirectX 8.0

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