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The sims 3 Review and how to play

The sims 3 Review-The Sims are back again with a much more captivating graphics, has been polished and as carefully as possible by the EA and has turned into one of the game belongs to the venerable EA games by competitors. According to EA, this game is not believed to be only appealing to the fans of the weight, but also for other gamers for the first time to touch it. At the beginning they issued a statement, a question arises in our hearts. Is the statement too confident, and whether they can succeed in the new game? Let us first recall the following review.

For first of all, we would like to say that The Sims 2 had little change, especially in terms of management complexity of your character and your character needs to be something very annoying than fun. Only, The Sims 2 really has developed a formula initially and as a result, it even managed to add a fan of this game a lot more.

Now, The Sims 3 no longer has a difficult regulatory process. The game introduces several new features such as Traits, Lifetime Wishes, Lifetime Rewards, Opportunities, Skill, Moodlets and Wishes. Additional new features are managed to provide an atmosphere of a game similar to traditional game mechanics that exist in The Sims.

Your character can be customized at will whenever you want. Daily needs you now will not go down with chaos as it once was. Everything has been improved and has become better than before. Your main goal in this game, now more likely to meet needs such as Wishes, Career, Lifetime Wish, Opportunities and collect items that you can find in this game. For Wishes and Moddlets, these two attributes are very easily met and can add points to your happiness meter (Lifetime Happiness). Instead, you will get the Lifetime Rewards like Steel Bladder (your character so rarely go to the toilet) to teleportation Pad.

For your character, EA really gives gamers the opportunity for all to make your characters at will. Starting from the physical appearance (color of eyes, skin, hair), everything that you can change at will you use the painting tools. Not only the looks alone, but you can also set your character and personality for it, EA provides a large number of human characteristics that never were and you just choose which one you like. Even characteristics like crazy (Insane), evil (Evil), patients with neurological diseases (neurotic) and those who are not lucky (Unlucky) also exists and it's your choice which will determine the Lifetime Wish of your character.

One of the also new here is the character you are no longer limited to only move in the house alone. World has to offer in The Sims 3 now this is a world of open town you can explore at will. Forget what the name suggests that complicate management, only limited movement in the house and so on. Forget it all. Your character can walk from house to house, visited the house the other characters, go into town to eat, watch movies and even collected a number of items scattered throughout the city. Of course graphics are offered when you're visiting the city will not be very good, but still the level of detail on offer here worth a thumbs up.

In The Sims 3, which will be the main criterion and a major advantage in this game. You can reach the main goal in Career, Skill and even finish Lifetime Wish you wherever you play, and now, it all depends on the options you choose, rather than on regulation of activities of your character. To increase the skill, you can read books, watch TV, practice and attend classes held in the city. Amazingly, you do not need to constantly do all this.

When you go to work any character, you can determine how their behavior at work later. You can set up in such a way, ranging from making your character to be a workaholic, a sycophant (against bosses) and can even become lazy (which of course rarely get a promotion). All up to you.

Social interaction also has evolved into a more diverse and you can arrange than ever before. In the game, you can see the other characters on your mind and learn their characteristics. Topics to be discussed also more than ever before. Starting from the introduction to the political conversation also you can get here. Actually there are many more can we express here. But it's good, play it yourself to feel more and more are offered by EA rather than just read a review of our course.

Last comment from us, overall, The Sims 3 is a large-scale evolution of the franchise The Sims, and actually offers an interesting and captivating games. To answer our questions in the initial review, we can only answer that EA has successfully developed one of the franchise to a new level.

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