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Alien Skin Exposure v3.0.0.1049

Alien Skin Exposure - a powerful tool, as well as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, designed for color correction and styling images to film color and b / w photos.But apart from imitation of a film, the plugin also has tools for common photo processing: Shadow / Highlights, Curves, Sharpen and more. The program gives digital photographs the cinematic sheen.

Unlike most plug-ins for Photoshop, this plug-in is a very important feature - they can use as a beginner amateur photographer using a plug-in default settings and professional photographer, displaying all the settings manually processed.

New in Exposure 3.0:
• Full support for 64-bit versions of Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Macintosh and Windows platforms
• Tight integration with Photoshop Lightroom, which does not require start-up or use Adobe Photoshop.
• Effects of aging photos, or the effect of old film, similar to that formed on the film and the Technicolor old Kodachrome
• Modeling Lo-Fi pictures
• Hundreds of new settings in all categories, which include more films, color and toning aging
• User interface improvements, such as increased speed up your preview and online help
• The ability to separate the diagonal preview windows, and sorry: (

Simple and intuitive interface
A. Menu
B. Bookmarks panel settings
C. Settings
D.Navigation area preview
E. User preferences
F. Separation of the preview into two halves: one - the original image, the other - Preview the results of the filter.
G. OK and Cancel (no comment)
H. Area preview
I.Control buttons thumbnails - show original picture (press and hold), move, zoom (click on thumbnails zooms, Alt-click - reduce, dablklik on the button - sets the scale of 100%, you can also select an arbitrary rectangular area,scale and position of the thumbnails to ascertain from the release)

Exposure 3 includes two parts - Black and White Film, and Color Film. With rare exceptions, configure both plugins alike.

Plug-ins contain the configuration tab:
Settings-You can choose one of the settings of the filter.Those that are included in the delivery, emulate the characteristics of a film. The selected settings can then be adjusted and stored them under his own name. The manufacturer's site to download some additional settings.
Color-checked on line Create Output In New Layer Above Current allows us to derive the result of the filter in a new layer, which is very convenient - the original is preserved.
Overall Intensity parameter controls the "degree of" filter - the result of the filter is applied to the original.The same effect can be achieved in the Photoshop, changing the transparency of the new layer with the filtered image of the original in overlay mode Normal. It is recommended to leave at 100%.
Options - Red, Green and Blue channels allow us to determine the effect on the final result.
Line Equalize Channels - the sum of intensities of each color is always 100% (when you change one parameter, the other two imenyayutsya automatically in the opposite direction), which allows you to save as a result of the overall brightness of the image.The filter is also allowed to set negative values ??of the intensities of channels. And, although again this effect in the real world is physically impossible, it can improve the contrast of the image.
Options Ink Color, Strength, Position allows toned image in any color.
Bookmark Tone will change the brightness of the image. With the help of some slide bars Contrast, Shadow, Midtone, Highlight You can change the contrast and brightness of the shaded areas, midtones and highlights.
Focus - helps simulate izmenenenie focal length while shooting.In practice, this conventional instruments Blur and Sharp.
Grain - will add grit to the possibility to adjust shadows, midtones, bright areas (parameters Shadow, Midtone, Highlight).
New bookmark Age - contains a number of effects to simulate the aging of the photos.Here you can change some parameters such as: vignetting, dust, scratches, roundness of faces, etc

Download   Alien Skin Exposure v3.0.0.1049

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